by Resolute John Florio
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Submit essays, articles, book reviews to Florio Journal.

Florio Journal (FJ) is a section in John Florio studies in which you can find essays, researches, articles, book reviews, notes, about John Florio. The mission is to present the best scolarship about John Florio.

Now you can SUBMIT your own article to Florio Journal.

When preparing your work for Submission to Florio Journal, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Email your article to: floriojournal@resolutejohnflorio.com.
  • The article must feature endnotes with Arabic numerals.
  • The article must not be longer than 10,000 words including endnotes.
  • Upload images only if necessary.
  • Write a short bio about you.
  • Works that do not comply with these specifications will be returned to the author for correction.

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