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    Hi, my name is Marianna Iannaccone, and I’m the founder of John Florio’s official website.

    I have a BA in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Drama, and an MA in Modern Languages and Literatures. I’ve studied in both Italy and London.

    I’m interested in John Florio, and I believe much hasn’t been discovered yet about his life and works. This website wants to share new documents and aspects of his personal life and career. I believe this is a time for ambitious, innovative works on John Florio and I think I’m in a place to contribute that.

    I’m currently writing a book on John Florio’s years at Titchfield with Henry Wriothesley, the Third Earl of Southampton.

    My articles on John Florio:

    2020 – John Florio’s holographic will: an analysis

    2020 – Michelangelo Florio’s song to Cosimo I de’ Medici

    2020 –  John Florio, Italian ambassadors, & the wedding of Cosimo II and Maria Maddalena

    2020 – John Florio & The Danvers-Long feud

    2020 – “Draw if you be men”: John Florio, Saviolo’s ghost

    2020 – The White Devil: Webster’s collaborative play with Florio

    2020 – Did John Florio really want to be a teacher?

    2019 – John Florio: erudite man or notorious magpie?

    2019 – John Florio’s powers of rhetorical amplification

    2019 – John Florio’s will: the original documents

    2019 – A wild goose chase: looking for John Florio’s library

    2019 – John Florio & Montaigne’s Essays: the annotated copy


    2020 – Thinkery & Verse – Decameron 2020: John Florio&Boccaccio

    2019 – That Shakespeare Life – John Florio & Shakespeare


    2020 – Florence – John Florio event. “Shakespeare & Giordano Bruno: From translations all sciences had its off-spring.” – “John Florio’s lost portrait.”

    2019 – Globe Theatre, Rome. “John Florio & Giordano Bruno”


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