“John Florio’s Italian & English Sonnets” by Marianna Iannaccone is #11 on Amazon Hot New Release: Best selling new and future releases!

With new documents, this book aims to demonstrate that John Florio, creative lexicographer, linguist and translator, was also a poet, involved in the production of sonnets.

Like an acrobat of words, jumping from the Italian Petrarchan sonnet, to the English iambic pentameter, this book unveils a new, extraordinary side of Florio’s multifaceted personality, a hint that his career as tutor, linguist and translator was only a fragment of a much intriguing, gifted genius the world needs to recognise.

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The book will be available soon in Italian language.

Giovanni Florio, known as John Florio, is recognised as the most important humanist in Renaissance's England.

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