The Chair of English Language, Literature and Culture Department Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce The Branch in Piotrków Trybunalski.

The Chair of English Language, Literature and Culture Department together with Students Research Circle “Keep Calm” are pleased to invite you to 5th Student-Doctoral Conference “Aspects of Popular Culture” that will be held online on 15 June 2023.

Being aware that we live in unusual but also difficult times, we can observe the impact of every day events on our private and professional life, and on surrounding us culture, in its all aspects. In the times of anxiety it seems important to create the forum allowing for the exchange of opinions and views among representatives of various academic, social and artistic disciplines. Therefore, the purpose of the conference is to give all kinds of researchers the possibility to share their academic discoveries as well as to bring together student circles and to promote students’ development. The interdisciplinary character of the conference will allow to see the issues under scrutiny from various perspectives. We invite researchers from the fields of study such as linguistic studies, history, cultural studies, social sciences, pedagogy and all academics whose scientific interests circulate around broadly understood theme of popular culture. The languages of the conference will be Polish and English.

Marianna Iannaccone, John Florio’s scholar, will present “Florio’s Folio: The hunt for a literary identity”:

Outstanding translator and interpreter of Italian humanistic culture in Elizabethan England, John Florio has been mistakenly relegated to the sidelines of early modern cultural history. His creative enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge, and exuberant love for words are witnessed by his prodigious library: four hundred books, mostly Italian, but also Spanish, French, and English. Before his death, he bequeathed his library to the third Earl of Pembroke, William Herbert, but for unknown reason, his library along with his manuscripts, have since disappeared. His library, today scattered around the world, has been the object of a wild goose chase from his devoted scholars, who have unexpectedly uncovered, through remarkable traces left in the long-lost books, new intriguing shades of his literary identity. The hunt for John Florio’s library refashions the author’s social and literary camaraderie, and reveals new sides of his personality that have hitherto hardly been addressed.


Organising Committee: dr Agnieszka Stanecka
Student Organising Committee: Aleksandra Bąkowicz, Patrycja Półrolnik, Jakub Gałaj

Giovanni Florio, known as John Florio, is recognised as the most important humanist in Renaissance's England.

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